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The Hi~Five Roller Flyers (HFRF) was formed in July of 2002 when several members of another local roller club desired a change.  We felt a club should be able to cater better to it's members and be more reactive to the members needs so we formed the HFRF.   Our moto says it's all "Getting back to the Basics"

The first idea of this came from our Charter member Tod Hess of Gerber and then several others supported the idea including several wives.  I was a little hesitant at first but the club has "rooted" and is now here to stay.  It was a pure coincidence that our club started with 5 Charter members; Carl Schoelkopf of Redding, Tod Hess of Gerber, Dave Henderson of Redding and Joe Urbon and Don Siggins of Yuba City.

The name Hi~Five Roller Flyers actually came via my wife Sue.  She felt that we needed a name that expressed the true nature of our members and when I thought about it the expression "Hi Five" just popped into my head.  I ran the name by the members and they all agreed on it, the rest is history.

The HFRF is located between Yuba City and Redding in the Sacramento Valley of California.  It is approximately 120 miles from the farthest lofts.  Our members will only consist of actual flyers within this region.  The membership will be limited to the number of flyers that we can fly within a single fly day.  If we allow for a bigger region to fly then we would be going in the wrong direction for our club, we want to be small and able to cater to our members.

HFRF BBQ in Gerber 2007 

We started a type of member within our club called "Associates" or "Associate Members", this is a free service.  These associates don't have any voting rights, they don't fly with us but they are a very important supporting body of our club, we merely expect them to be a participating party thru our "UPDATES" and contribute at least 3 times a year or after 6 months of no contact can be dropped. 

Our associates basically are allowed to get our HFRF monthly news letter at no cost, can purchase low cost roller bands via the HFRF, attend area flies and other HFRF functions whenever they want, being an associate is a automatic "INVITE".   They are just not a REGULAR member due to geographics mostly.  Our associates are growing more and more every month. Most roller guys are all the same, they cannot get enough reading material about rollers.  They also enjoy being apart of something and an active roller group like the HFRF.

The HFRF is simply a small club that is totally about fellowship, developing friendships in the hobby and sharing our love for our rollers.  We are very easy going and have a lot of fun together and want to keep it that way. 

The HFRF uses the basic 1,2,3 World Cup rules and uses "Panel Judging".  Panel judging has been very rewarding and is a very good tool for any competition roller club.  We have seem too many times guys criticizing a judge and at the same time not even watching the kit the entire time.  Panel judging is simple; everyone flying judges (including their own kits) and an average is taken from all the judges scores.  We find that it is very accurate and reliable, plus we never have to rely on out of area judges to come in on a regular basis.  More important we don't have to watch a "loose" judge award a HUGE score to a poor quality kit with a lot of action.  That will never happen here and if you do the same it will never happen to your club.


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For more information about the HFRF or if you would like to join the ranks of our other HFRF Associates please feel free to contact one of the following members;  Dave Henderson at spintight@excite.com or

Joe Urbon at jmurbonlofts@sbcglobal.net 

Until next time.....Hi Five!!


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