Pigeon Related Links

This page is for posting various pigeon related link, mostly roller sites.  Simply click on the name of the site with your mouse and it will take you there.

If you have a link that you would like posted on here, and it is either roller pigeon related or a pigeon supply house selling pigeon related items please email me.

NATIONAL BIRMINGHAM ROLLER CLUB- The NBRC is the premeir roller club in the entire World.  It is definitely worth joining.

BLACK LAKES ROLLER LOFTS - The personal roller webpage of Dennis Hayes on Idaho, great information.

JM URBON LOFTS - The personal website of Joe Urbon of Yuba City, CA

DA HENDERSON ROLLER LOFTS- personal site of Dave Henderson in Redding, California. 

SIGGINS DEEP & FAST SPINNERS - a good friend and fellow member of the HFRF. 

BOOKER LOFTS- Inventor of the pigeon jersey, check out his site and enjoy.  Long time friend to the roller world and HFRF associate.

PACCOMFILMS - A website with great products on pigeon videos.  This "Share the Blue Sky" documentary about pigeons is supposed to be a great asset to the World of Pigeons.  It has exclusive footage, with extreme close up rolling, of the Birmingham Roller in action.  This would make a great addition to anyone's collection of fine pigeon videos.  Referred to us by Mark Booker, HFRF Associate.

PIGEON REALM- This is the site of Jim Guinn HFRF associate from Kansas.  Neat site. 

NETHERLANDS BIRMINGHAM ROLLER CLUB- The local roller club of Heine Bijker of Holland, two time winner of the World Cup Fly.  Nice to see a site up in that part of the World.

RICK MEE LOFTS- This is the personal site of Rick Mee, NBRC Master Flyer.  Rick has had a great fly record with his family of rollers.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER LOFT- Brian Middaugh's personal website, nice information and even a classifieds section for selling pigeons and pigeons related stuff.

WORLD CUP FLY - the premeir roller contest in the World.  Good data base of past winners, World Cup Store with roller items, etc...

EGG BID - a great poultry/pigeon and other birds and animals.  There is a good array of stuff available on here.  You can register and sell your extra birds also.

KEN EASLEY'S ROLLERS - a nice site displaying Ken's rollers, good information and several articles also.

NATIONAL BIRMINGHAM ROLLER ASSOC - The big roller club in England.  Also lists contacts of other smaller clubs within England.

THE HAWAIIAN PERFORMING ROLLER CLUB - a nice group of roller guys in ALOHA land.  Great bunch of guys to visit if you go on vacation also.

CHEVITA PIGEON MEDS - a nice site with tons of information on symtoms and treatment of illnesses that pigeons get.  Hope it will benefit you. 

JEDDS PIGEON SUPPLIES - This is my favorite supplier of pigeon meds and other products.  They have a great array of products and are located in Southern California, a must shop place especially if you are in the Western half of the US.

CHAS SIEGELS AND SONS INC - a great pigeon supply store online, great prices and products.  I have not seen them in a long time and they are a first class outfit.

ROB SMITH'S ROLLERS -The personal site of Rob Smith from New York.  He is a wood worker and has some great wood products shown on his site.

M & M LOFTS - The personal site of Marlen Garnett of Las Vegas Nevada.

SAN DIEGO SPINNERS -A roller club in San Diego California.

DWS ROLLERS - The personal site of David Szabatura of New York, mainstream roller guy in that part of the Country.



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