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Hello everyone here are some past photo's to look at.  By the looks  you can tell that some of us were young and dumb way back when.  If anyone else has any old photo's of them with their birds WAY back email them to me so I can post them.  This is for members and associates.

Hope you enjoy and get some good laughs.

Joe Urbon and I went to Sacramento to see the then Capitol City Roller Club fly, this was taken at Gordon Jackson's in 1984.  Chan Grover is taking a photo of me taking a photo of him. 

This is Joe Urbon's lofts when he was a youngster.  You can see that they were just scabbed to together.  We've gone a long way since then.

This one is of Dave Henderson when he was a sophomore in HS, 1984.  I had a favorite white that was an outstanding spinner. 


Here is my first roller loft and you can see my thrown together kit box to the side.  This one has been kicked around a bit and has a food stain on the side of it. 

Here is Dave Henderson in 1983 the very night that Pat Jones got his rollers in from Richard Jaconnette of San Diego.  These birds turned out to be very good on average for Pat.  Pat is no longer in rollers.

Here is a photo of Joe Urbon in 1995 when he was getting back into rollers this last time.  He was going there to buy a dun check hen that was a top bird in the kit, no one was going to take it from him and because they knew this no one else bid on the bird.  The bird took 3rd place and wasn't even judged the last 2 judgings due to injuring when it was released from the kit one day.

Here is photo of one of our associates in Montague, Debbie Lapham.  She had a photo taken next to her kit box one winter in about 1998.

This was taken at a NCRC fly in 1990 in Orland at Lin Jewell's loft.  We had 4 visitors from Utah also. If you see a ? next to it I am not sure who they are.  L to R; back row-Dave Henderson, Jack Meyers, ?, Rex Clark, Paul Bradford, ?, Jim Brown of Utah. kneeling- Dave Holder, Tim Greer, Ken Billings, Lin Jewell, ?

Joe at his Dana Drive loft in Redding before getting out of rollers in 1994 I think.

This a bird off of Thom Hatchers Continental Roller Family mated to its daughter.  They were just a little too hot for my taste, the little hen was a 1/2 Hatcher 1/2 Henderson.  They rolled down a TON.

Part of the then NCRC Northern Section in 1996 I think; L to R- Mike Bacani, Joe Urbon and Carl Schoelkopf

A favorite hen of Joe Urbon's way back in the day.  I was using this hen when he was moving back from Susanville.  The hen is probably a Silver bar and not a blue bar we had thought in the past.

This was a super pigeon for Joe Urbon back in the days of the Chan Grover birds.  I can't recall if this was a daughter or was the original infamous tort hen.

L to R; Scott Rice- now of Pennsylvania, Dave Henderson and Joe Urbon around 1999 during a fly, we sure miss Scott around here.  He is a current HFRF associate however and I talk to him online every couple of weeks.


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